Western Wayne County League 2018

The 2018 softball season is officially over. I would like to thank everyone who participated this year. Also I have decided to retire from WWCL. Abe Vintiski will run WWCL starting in the 2019 summer season. It was important to me that someone continue to run WWCL so that many more girls had a chance to play competitive softball in the future. I believe Abe is a good choice and see WWCL continuing for many years. The league has allowed over 10,000 girls a place to participate in competitive softball. I will keep this website open until the end of the year. Abe is currently working on a new site which he will share with you. Thank you and good luck.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 734-812-4324 or email me at buckhorn50@gmail.com



.....Thanks for playing, the season is officially over now!....

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